Saturday, June 23, 2007

Glen and Patrick in for a visit

We are in full swing to get the Teenage mothers home open and running we are knocking out walls and redesigning kitchens and bathrooms we are planning on having it open in a few weeks to receive young teenage girls that are pregnant and in need of refuge. This weekend feeding went great we had a team in from TORCH that brought cotton candy and toys and realy blessed the children, we also had Glen Sheets and patrick Cox in visiting from Baton Rouge these are a couple of partner we have that make the feeding program posible.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Feed the Children

We Started three weeks ago with are feeding program we are feeding 400 plus kids ever saturday, some of these kids walk as for as ten plus miles for a message and a meal it is a humbling moment when you are feeding barefooted children that walk ten plus mile to get a message of hope and to now that to some we are there only source for a hot meal. There is one little boy that has Cancer and the doctor have discontinue cemo and say he does not have long to live and he still walkes barefooted every Saturday for a hot meal and a message WOW