Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas tree decorating

We decorated the Christmas tree with the girls, well let me say they decorated it, i just supervised.  They had a good time, but for some reason they wanted to put like a million balls on the tree, and unfortunately at some point it fell over, so we had to start over.  Lets just say lesson learned.  We are getting ready for Christmas around here.  In the ministry we already had one cooking and feeding outreach, and we have a few more scheduled, and then we have our Christmas with Jesus coming up, with all of the games, food, and toys, that day is always fun, and lots of children leave very happy.

We hope you all are having a joyful Holiday season.

Be blessed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Belky's 15th birthday

This past Friday, we celebrated Belky's 15th birthday. Here in Honduras the 15th birthday is a bigger deal than the sweet 16 in the states. We had a party for her with all of our older kids, there was loud music, dancing, well if you want to call it that, a great meal, and then of course the best part, the cake. She had a good time, and was smiling quite a bit, and considering how she was when she first got here, God has brought her a long way. Of course Kathy was a little disappointed that we did not have a pinata, but 15 year olds are too mature for that, that's what the kids told me anyway. LOL.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ada, Belky, Judith

We have two of our girls that had babies last month, Ada, and Belky.  Ada had a boy, his name is Angel, and Belky had a boy also, his name is Christian.  The babies are doing great.  Eating and getting fatter every day.  The moms are a little tired from waking up during the night, but over all they are doing fine.  It amazes me that they are 15, and 14 yrs. old and full time mothers, they are doing a wonderful job.

We received Judith back in Oct. with her baby, Andrea.  She was taken from her home, and an abusive situation and placed with us.  They are both precious.  

We have a full house, but it's all good!!