Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kathy's 3rd birthday

We celebrated Kathy's 3rd birthday this past weekend, she had a blast. We went to Pizza Hut with all the toddlers, and Joey, Krystal, and Alex. After pizza hut we went back to Zambrano and she had a Dora pinatta, and cake, a good time was had by all.

Happy Birthday to Kathy!

Friday, October 12, 2007

More CFC Honduras

This month we were happy that the CFC team came back this year from HPC out of BTR,LA. This was their 3rd year to come to visit us and do some Good ole Louisiana cooking, and of course everyone was pleased.
The team had a busy week, they went to the men’s prison in Comayagua and cooked and fed around 700 inmates and guards.
They cooked and fed for 300-500 inmates and guards, at the women’s prison in Tamara.
This month we celebrated children’s day, so we took the team to the place where we go and feed every Sat, and we cooked and fed around 1000 women and children. We also gave them toy’s, and candy the kids had a great time that day. The team really enjoyed hanging out with some of the kids, these kids are not used to seeing so many gringo’s at one time, they didn’t know what to think.

The team made a trip to Zion church near the Valley of The Angels, where our good friend Tim lives and Pastors a church. We cooked and fed for 300-500 people that day, and then the team took the annual trip to the Valley to go souvenir shopping, a good time was had by all.
The last night before the team left they had a different experience, but a good one. They went to a pretty dangerous part of Teguc. and cooked and fed for around 2000 after a church service at a church in Teguc. Some of them were a little nervous at first, but God is good and He was there and people were blessed by their southern hospitality, and of course good food, and it’s always obvious when you are around these guy’s you can always feel the love of God.
We just want to say thank you so much, David, Jody, Randy, Lisa, and Marty for taking the time to come and share your love and cooking skills in such a practical way, we love and appreciate you so much and are looking forward to next years visit.
God bless to all of you.
Robyn and Ernie

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Joey and Kathy

This is our most recent picture of Kathy and Joey. As you can see Joey will be passing up Kathy in the height department, she is a little bit. They are doing great, getting big and exploring all kinds of things, especially Joey. He is all over the place, and pretty much into EVERYTHING!!! Praise Jesus!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Luna is almost walking!

I wanted to send you all a recent photo of little Luna, she is almost walking, cool. She is a little bitty thing, but she is a fireball. She and Joey keep me running.

Love and God bless,