Wednesday, March 20, 2013

February ABA training workshops

We brought Kyna, Joey's ABA therapist, here from Houston, Texas, to do three ABA training workshops last month.  We started here in Roatan, we did a one day workshop for some of the public school teachers, there we had about 20 teachers in attendance, and then we traveled to the mainland, to Tegucigalpa, to do another one day workshop in Zambrano, at Faith Academy, and there we had about 14 teachers/staff in attendance, and then we did the last workshop at Honors Academy in Teguc., we had about 28 teachers in attendance there.  It was very successful, and all of the teachers left with lots of helpful information to help them with their students that are struggling with either behavioral issues, or certain types of learning disabilities, or special needs.  Everyone was excited about Kyna being at these workshops, and they were all anxious to hear and learn what she had to say.  A good bit of these teachers/staff that attended these workshops know Joey, and one of the staff at Honors Academy was actually his first teacher, Erika, and have seen his progress over the past 2 years, and so they know that this therapy works, so that made them even more eager to learn some things from her. We have actually discussed brining Kyna back in a few months to do further training with the same teachers!  There's much more that can be taught, we just do it in small doses!

Thank you to the staff and teachers in Zambrano, at Faith Academy and also to the staff and teachers at Honors Academy, it was a pleasure to be able to bring Kyna in and have her train you to help with your students!  

Thank you, and God bless you all,