Monday, September 15, 2008

New girls

We received 2 new girls within the last few weeks. They are both 14, and pregnant, and one was removed from her grandparents home because she was being molested by her grandfather, her name is Ada, and the other is Belky, she came here because her father was sexually abusing her. Ada had adapted pretty well to the new environment, but Belky has had a tough time. All she did for the first week was cry off and on, but i can only imagine being 14, pregnant, taken away from her mother and put with total strangers, i would probably cry myself. But praise God, she has come around she seems to like it better and she actually smiles from time to time.

Please pray for them that they will be happy, and totally restored.

Maria and Kevin

Maria is 14, and has her son Kevin, 4 months. I wrote her story in June, about how Maria came to be in the ministry. Maria, like Luz, used to cry and did not want to socialize with anybody, but God has done some amazing things in her, and it's cool to see how He is using her to minister to the new girls we just recently received, But GOD!!

Luz and Jonathan

Luz came to Prince of Peace children's home, pregnant, and 10 yrs. old. The situation is still under investigation, but supposedly the baby is her stepfathers. He had been having sex with her for a while. She was taken out of the home and placed with us so she could receive the proper prenatal care, etc... Her son, Jonathan, is 7 weeks old, and doing well. Luz cried almost everyday in the beginning, but now the Lord is healing her, and has brought joy to her life.

Please keep her and her son in your prayers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Roxana and Nicole

Roxana has an awesome testimony and has been in the ministry for 2 years. She has come a long way. She came to go through the FTO rehab program as a 16 yr old. She was involved in the gangs, she would smuggle weapons, drugs etc... inside of herself into the prison for gang members, and one day she and some of her friends had enough and wanted out, and she found out the other girls went to the leader to tell him they wanted out and they were found dead, so she decided to run, and was brought here to Zambrano, and so now Roxana fears for her life, and now the life of Nicole, her 1 yr old daughter. While she was in rehab she ran away, got pregnant, and then came back to the ministry, and now she and Nicole live in the girls home for unwed moms. She is a hard worker and a blessing to the ministry, and she is learning to be a mom to Nicole. Please pray for Roxana to just learn to have the peace of the Lord at all times.


Amber and David

Amber came to the FTO rehab center for rehab, and during her time there she discovered she was pregnant, and so she finished the rehab part of the program, and then she was moved to the Children's home. There she was involved with all the daily activities up until she had David, and then she was being trained to be a mom. Now Amber and David live at the house for unwed moms, and she is still being trained to be a mom. Amber and David will probably be leaving in Nov. so that Amber can focus on her future and what God has for her outside of this ministry, so please be in prayer for her and David for God to protect them, and for direction for her dad to help find the bast place for them. We love them and hate to see them go, but we believe that God has other plans for Amber and David, they deserve to be in Gods perfect will just like we all do.

Thanks, and God bless.


Monday, September 8, 2008

More pics from Joey's b-day

Joey's 3rd birthday

Joey had his 3rd birthday party Sunday. He had fun, loved the cake and presents, but he was terrified of his pinata. It was a character from the cartoon on discovery kids, Backyardagins, he loves the show, but freaked out about the pinata.

I cannot believe he is 3, he was just a tiny baby in my arms, seems like 6 months ago, it kinda makes me sad that he is growing up so fast, sometimes i wish i could put everything on pause just to slow things down just a little bit.

Please pray for the continuation for his adoption to keep going smoothly. We are still pursuing the adoption and not substitute family, and with that we need his mothers consent, and they are working on getting that right now, yes they found his mom, for those of you that don't know, and so please pray for Gods will in this situation, and for peace. I know in my heart he is ours, but sometimes your mind gets the best of you and you say just what if, but I know my God is bigger than all that. I am still believing that by the first of the year he will be ours legally, and we can travel with him to the states, so get ready to meet Joey sometime next year.

Thanks to you all, and God bless. Thanks for your prayers.

Keeping the faith,