Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jonathan's surgery

Jonathan, Lucita's baby, has just been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, which most people recognize this as, water on the brain, but the true definition is : A usually congenital condition in which an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cerebral ventricles causes enlargement of the skull and compression of the brain, destroying much of the neural tissue. He is in need of an operation. The Dr. said it's best he get the operation before he is 2, which will be in July.

Just to remind you about Jonathan, Lucita, his mom, came to the ministry, pregnant, at 10 yrs. old. She was a victim of sexual abuse by her step dad. She was taken out of the home and placed with us so she could receive the proper prenatal care that she needed. Now, Luz, 12, and Jonathan, almost 2 in July, are living at the house for abused girls, and their babies. Luz is going to school, and doing well, she is a happy, healthy, 12 yr. old girl.

Jonathan needs the surgery to help relieve the pressure on his brain, this is a procedure where they go in with the placement of a permanent ventricular shunt. It's a very common procedure, and will require one overnight stay at the hospital, and with proper care at home, and possibly little rehabilitation may be required to further his improvement, he should be good as new in no time.

We have found a neurosurgeon, who is involved with a local ministry that does these operations for children, like Jonathan, who was recommended to us and he has agreed to do the surgery, we are working on the hospital, which will be a private hospital, getting everything squared away, we are now just waiting on the date when the surgery can be done. The cost of the surgery, and the hospital stay will be around $2000.00.

If anyone would like to help give a donation towards this cause please give to:

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Thank you, and God bless you all,

Robyn Breaux