Friday, July 18, 2008

Epic Team from Florida

Two weeks ago we had one of our dear friend's, Charles Young, the youth pastor from Bayside community church in Bradenton, FL, here with a team of 14 young people to experience the mission field for a week. According to most of them it was an awesome experience, and they will never be the same. They went and did outreach to the local community, they cleaned up the streets of Zambrano, helped clean up around the ministry, and many other things.

Thank you to the team, you all are missed, and were a huge blessing to the staff here at Jimmy Hughes Ministries.

God bless you all.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Mexico Team

At the end of June we had Ernie's sister Debbie and her husband, Randy, here with a team from their church out of Farmington, NM. It was a 22 man team, and we kept them busy. They were a huge blessing to us all. They brought school supplies for the school kids at the children's home, they brought diapers for the babies, medicine for the children and of course medicine for the adults as well, for those occasional headaches form time to time.

They brought with them a puppet stage and the puppets, with the skits, and we went to different villages to share the gospel by using the puppets and by giving out candy, and other food items. My Bro-in-law preached a little bit, it was awesome. We took them into the women's prison, were Ernie cooked and they shared there with the women. They had a great time.

One of the team members led an elderly lady, i want to say she was like 90 something, to the Lord right here in Zambrano, you never know how and when God is going to use you, but we need to be ready at all times.

Thanks to all of those that came on this trip, and also to those that were praying for them while they were here.

God bless.