Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kyna's trip to Roatan March/April 2014

Kyna, Joey's therapist, from Houston, Texas, came to Roatan, last week of March first week in April, to do follow up, and evaluations on Joey, and a few other kids at NUNA, Academy, and also she did a half day training seminar with the teachers there.

It was a busy week for Kyna, she spent several days at  NUNA, and then she spent a few hours with Ms Deborah Hunnicutt, at SRCS, which is the ACE/PACE school where we do the back pack program, just giving Deborah some help with some of the students there.   She also spent some time at Cattleya Learning Center, which is a center for children with intellectual challenges, helping some of the parents and teachers just by giving some basic training to help with some of the students there.  And it just so happened to be Autism Awareness Month, which i thought that was pretty cool that she was here during that time, since she works with children with Autism, and other special needs and behavioral issues!

As always we love having Kyna come to help us, she is amazing at what she does, and i can first hand say that her hard work and dedication to her work, pays off.  I know my son has improved so much since she started working with him, almost 4 years now, and we are truly grateful to her, and her heart and passion for working with and helping these children!