Sunday, November 18, 2012

Followup, and Behavior Training Workshop

This past week we had Jo Jo's therapist, Kyna Savage, here from Texas, staying with us, and she spent time at the kids school, doing some followup with Jo Jo, with Mrs. Caroline, his private teacher, and also worked with Mrs. Christeen, his Kinder teacher in the classroom.  Kyna was so excited to see how well Jo Jo is doing!  She was amazed at how well he does with his peers, and is involved with class participation, and just over all on  how Jo Jo, Caroline, and Christeen are doing in the class!  Way to go Jo Jo, and teachers!  :)  Job well done!
We decided since there are no schools, or therapy centers here for kids with special needs, and learning disabilities, and that there is such a great need, that we would do just a basic, ABC, 123, Behavior Training Workshop, just to give some parents and teachers from Roatan, some basic tools for helping with their students, or children that are struggling with delays and learning disabilities, at home or in the classroom.  We had about 22 teachers/parents show up for the training, and everyone was excited about the training, and left feeling that they received great information for their students, and children.  This ABA therapy can be used on all children, not just children with special needs and learning disabilities.  It was very helpful and informative to us all that participated in the  workshop.  Since we had a great response on the training workshop, we will be bringing Kyna back for more training, and to also help with the early intervention therapy center that we are wanting to start here on the island of Roatan.
Big thank you to Kyna for taking the time to come visit, and for working with Jo Jo, and his teachers, and also for doing the training workshop, it is ALL greatly appreciated!  Also thanks to the parents and teachers who took the time to come and learn about behaviors and learning disabilities, we all know there is a great need here in Roatan for this therapy, and i believe together we can make a difference!