Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Tairicha, the oldest of three children,  loves SRCS.  In fact, she's wanted to come to SRCS since our first year and just wasn't ready for our heavily academic program.  This year at Christmas, her teacher left several worksheets with Sayda (Tairicha's mom) to work on.  They worked very hard and when Tairicha passed her entrance test it was difficult to tell who was more excited -- Tairicha or her mom.  She is almost always the first student at school.  Even before she came to school, she would sit outside the door and listen to what was going on.  Tairicha's dad works driving the glass-bottom boat here on the island and works part of the year for an American man.  Tyrone is a hard-working father who loves his family.  

If anyone would like to sponsor Tairicha with the back pack program,  please let us know, you can email me at, or you can just simply send a tax deductible donation to:
ER International
2273 SW 15th Street #153, Deerfield Beach, FL  33442
Attn: Back Pack feeding program/Tairicha

The cost weekly is approximately $5.00, monthly $20.00, or yearly, $240.00.

The items that go into the backback consist of non perishable food items such as, rice, beans, flour, cornmeal, cooking oil, and other things, sometimes, pasta, with tomato sauce, boxes of mac n cheese, oatmeal, among other things. We also try to add items such at tooth paste, deodorant, and soap as well.
We try to mix it up every week.   

Also if you would like to sponsor any of the 3 kids that i posted about on March 4th, please let me know or send the donation the same way as above but put Attn: Back Pack feeding program/Jemisha, Joshua, or Kadyann

Thank you, and God bless!

In His Grip,
Robyn and Ernie Breaux

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jemisha, Joshua, and Kadyann

I decided to share with you all pictures and personal testimonies of the children that attend SRCS.  Here is a testimony on three of the them.  My hope and prayer is that this will help you all get to know them a little better, like i have.  Their are 34 students, and these are just 3 of them.

Jemisha, Joshua, and Kadyann come from a very special family.  Jemisha and Joshua are the youngest of 9 children and both have special learning needs.  Jemisha is epileptic and has several learning delays.  She loves to read her Science and loves English.  Jemisha's parents decided to give her one last chance at learning and she's been with SRCS since the beginning.  They are thrilled with the progress she has made.  Joshua was born with hydrocephalus and had a shunt put in when he was a baby.  Unfortunately, the shunt wasn't draining correctly and it was clipped.  Joshua, too, has learning delays as a result of his special challenges.  However, he is proving to the world that he can learn and he too, loves Science and English.

Eunice, their mother,  is part of our sewing project and helps support the family by sewing items at home to be sold to tourists.  She is an excellent seamstress.  Their father, Steve,  is a painter and he volunteered his expertise to paint our new school building.  Marcy, one of the older siblings volunteers at SRCS and is a natural teacher (even though she's planning on going to nursing school next year).

Kadyann and her two siblings are living with the family (her grandparents) as their mom is currently working in the Cayman Islands.  It's a struggle to be so far away from the family, but Kadyann's mom knows that Kadyann is in a great environment.  Kadyann is thriving at SRCS and loves Math, Science, and English.  

The food staples that ER International provide are a great blessing to this hard-working family.