Wednesday, October 22, 2008

David and Jonathan

Well it seems lately that my life never has a dull moment. For the last month, or so, i have had Jonathan, Lucita's baby, living with us in our house. She is at the children's home for a while, the stress of being a full time mom, at the age of 10, was a little too much, so she is just getting some breathing space so she can be a kid for a while. So there is Jonathan, right?, and then came little David, again. He is Amber's baby, and he was with me for about a week. He got really sick, and so did his mom, so he was with me getting well, Praise God he is back with his mom in the girls house, and they are both doing well.

Like i said my life is never dull, and sleep is very precious to me, and i drink coffee like there is no tomorrow, but still having fun, and loving life.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My 39th Birthday

All i can say is that God is so good, and each year gets even better. I am so blessed, words cannot even begin to describe it.
I celebrated my 39th b-day on Oct. 1, i can't believe i am almost 40, WOW, time flies. I am happy, and healthy, what more could a girl ask for. The girls at the girls home went all out for my b-day, they made me a cake, made me an awesome card, and cooked me a great dinner, i am blessed to have them, they are great. It seems as though we are really beginning to act like family, the girls are more comfortable, and me too, it was a little tough getting settled into the new house, and all that goes with that, but things seem to be going pretty smooth. PTL!!!