Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missions team visit

We had a visit today by a team from Mississippi. They were brought here by Pastor Luis, which is the ministry that we go and do the cooking and feeding for every Sat. They brought mini beach balls for all the kids, they gave them cool bracelets that they made, they did a puppet show, and they did face painting, the kids had a great time. This was the first team for the summer to come and visit. Now that school is out for the summer I'm sure we will be getting lots of visits from teams from the U.S., and also here locally in Honduras. Our kids love when we have visitors, it makes them feel special, and they get lots of attention from more than just us. What a blessing!!

Maria and Kevin

We received a 12 year old pregnant girl about 2 months ago, she is living at the children's home, and her name is Maria. She gave birth to a baby boy, Kevin, about 7 weeks ago. Mom and baby are doing well. The baby weighed about 7 lbs, and is healthy, Praise God! The father of Kevin is Maria's brother in law. She was living with her sister and her husband, and apparently the brother in law was having sex with both girls, Maria say's it was not rape, she is in love with this man, so she was removed from the home of the sister, and also her parents home and placed with us. The home situation is being investigated to see if it is now a safe place for Maria to return to with the baby, so please be in prayer with us for the will of our Father in heaven to be done, and that the time that Maria is with us that she will be healed and restored.

Thank you and God bless you all!