Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Commandments for Mission Trips

1. Always remember that the primary function of a short-term team is to learn, and not to help.

2. Always defer to the long-term missionaries, even when thou dost not agree with them.

3. Leave all they agendas at home before thou arrivest on the mission field.

4. Be prepared to spend large amounts of time doing nothing, for thus verily is the way of the mission field.

5. Be careful to obey in all details, the security rules and advice of the project which thou visitest.

6. Be both attentive and accurate in the communication with the mission base before they visit.

7. Be careful to pay for all the expenses of thy visit.

8. Take great care in thy giving and spending, lest thou appearest to be filthy rich.

9. Be careful to respect the doctrinal and theological views of the project which thou visitest.

10. Keep thy word in regards to follow-up activities.


(from Paul Cull, leader of Projeto Casa Esperanza in Brazil)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

This trip actually did change my life

This trip actually did change my life.

In 2004 I found myself on a small community stage, in front of about 100 young people (high school age), at an evening event, telling them my testimony. The pain I had been through, and the healing and help I found in Jesus. My depression, my cutting, having been suicidal, it was all there. I stood there, not really able from stage to see the reactions on their faces, sparing no single detail.
After the end of the entire show I had a small group of 8 or 10 come up to me. Through their broken English and a translator, they began to tell me of their similar experiences, and their hurts. They thanked me and hugged me, and some of them said they had even accepted Jesus into their hearts that night. That validated me. That validated every hurt that I went through. To know that it had been redeemed and that God was willing and able to use that to help others, if I was willing to go, and to tell.
That was 8 years ago, and since then I have been on several other trips as well. And the love, acceptance and validation continues to come, on every trip I take. That was my story, do you have a story? And if you don’t I you are encouraged to take a trip and go, make stories and memories. It will change your life.
One of the most important things in many faith’s, is a pilgrimage, or hajj, or a trip of some sort. These trips are often to a holy place or sacred city. What about us Christians? While Israel and the Red Sea, and Gethsemane are certainly important, the most sacred of places becomes our own selves. We know carry within us the Holy Spirit. We are lead and guided by God, through His Word and His Spirit.
We are commanded to go. Not to visit some specific sanctuary, or place, or something from the past. But to go and tell others about what Jesus has done for us. We go to tell them about the love of God, and His grace, and forgiveness.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

School and Therapy Center Update

Well, it's October already, this year is almost over, wow, i can't believe it! They say time flies when your having fun, well it does! I have not updated in a while, so thought i would share what's been happening in sunny, Roatan.

The kids started school in August, at SBAS, and all is going well. In my last post i was looking for a therapist, or special ed teacher for Jo Jo, and we found a teacher, she is an American, and has been living here for about 4 years, teaching, praise God! Her name is Caroline, and she is doing an amazing job. We had Kyna, Jo Jo's therapist, from Texas, come to Roatan before school started, to train her, and so far so good! We also found a special ed teacher, Kathy, that moved here from Colorado, that the school has hired as their special ed teacher, and is helping build a special ed program in the school. Jo Jo is in the kindergarten class, and for the most part, participates in everything his class is doing. He does have a couple of 40 minutes one on one sessions with Caroline, during his school day, but is really enjoying being with the kids and the social time. He is really liking school, making friends and making progress. He has learned to write his name, and is writing, and reading some also, and for those that have been involved with his therapy know that it is a BIG accomplishment for him to write. He is a smart boy! His teacher says he is actually a little advanced academically in his class. Way to go Jo Jo, and Mrs. Caroline! And Kathy has made some new friends, especially one little girl, Sophie, which is our neighbor, and they go to the same school, and have become BFF's. She is also going to ballet class, twice a week, and is enjoying that as well! As for me i have a new friend also, Sophie's mom, Shona, she has been a God send, i am so thankful that she and her family are here for a while, God new i needed a friend!

Now that the kids are settled in school, we have decided to open up an early intervention therapy center, for children with special needs and learning disabilities here in Roatan, that will be set up just like the therapy center Jo Jo went to in the U S. We are in the beginning, baby stages of this project, but believe it is something God wants us to do, and has already opened up doors for it to happen. There is nothing here, in Honduras, or Central America, for kids with special needs, and learning disabilities, so we are wanting to bring that here. I am a little nervous about doing a therapy center, since it's a new thing, and i am not a therapist, but i am a mom with a son with special needs, and we have a testimony of how this amazing therapy helped our son, and so i believe in this therapy, and know that it works! And i believe God will bring the right people here to help with this project. We want to be able to provide the same therapy to the kids here, that our son received, and i know there is such a great need for it!

Please be in prayer as we are stepping out believing God will make a way for this therapy center to be a success! We know it works, and have faith that it will help many children, but we know we cannot do it alone, and we will need prayer support, financial support and people to come as teams or individuals to help make this happen!

Ephesians 1:8

He poured his grace on us by giving us great wisdom and understanding.

Thanks, take care and God bless you all,

Robyn and Ernie Breaux