Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kyna's visit August 2014

Once again, Kyna, Joey's therapist, was here for one week last month, doing assessment's, training old and new teachers that will be working not only with Joey, but also other students at NUNA Academy with some learning disabilities, and or behavioral issues, and some basic training for the new teachers that have never received training from Kyna before.  

Kyna also had a private meeting with a concerned mom, and grandmother about their 2 year old baby boy, but thankfully they left feeling happy because he's perfectly fine, and progressing just as he should be. :)

Probably the most fun, and exciting time Kyna had was going to Cattleya Roatan, a therapy center here on the Island for children with special needs, and learning disabilities.   I say this was her best time because she loves challenges, and working with pretty difficult kids, and she had a particular student that likes to bite, and guess what Kyna got bit, but was so happy to come home and share the story of how it happened.  That's a good day for her, LOL!  Ouch.  She knew she made progress that day, and although the staff there was not super happy about what happened, and felt bad for that Kyna was bitten, Kyna explained that she is very used to that happening, and was totally ok with it, and that it's a successful day when that happens.  Lets just say she LOVES her job!! :)  God bless you Kyna for doing what you do, your amazing! 

We are already looking forward to Kyna's next visit. There's always a need here for special training and help that Kyna provides.  We are very appreciative and grateful for the help that we receive when she is here.

Thank you, and blessings to all!

In His Grip,
Ernie and Robyn Breaux

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