Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Back pack program at Casa De Luz, Care 4 Communities

  We have started a new back pack program, located in La Colonia, at Casa De Luz, with Care 4 Comminities.  Casa De Luz is a school that teaches English to Spanish speaking children that live in La Colonia, Sandy Bay. La Colonia is a community moslty made up of Honduran families that have come from the mainland, to get away from the crime and the dangers of the mainland, and to raise their families in a better environment.  Their are 40 children in the school, and we are excited and looking forward to this opportunity to provide these children and their families with food to fill their back packs, every week, and no telling what else God may provide for them!   

The cost is $260.00 a child, per year,  which is $5.00, per back pack, per child, each week, for 52 weeks. That consists of non perishable food items such as, rice, beans, flour, cornmeal, cooking oil, and other things, sometimes, pasta, with tomato sauce, boxes of mac n cheese, oatmeal, among other things. We also try to add items such at tooth paste, deodorant, and soap as well.
We try to mix it up every week.   

If you would like to help with this program, please let us know, you can email me at robyn@erinternational.org or you can just simply send a tax deductible donation to:
ER International
2273 SW 15th Street #153 Deerfield Beach, FL  33442
Attn: Back Pack program/Casa De Luz

You can also send money via pay pal. You can just click on the pay pal donations button.

Thank you for your support on this project, it is greatly appreciated!
In His Grip,
Ernie and Robyn Breaux

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